The "Memphis Belle" on Mud Island

Here is how this National Historic Treasure looked while on display in Memphis.

mud_Island_4.JPG (40932 bytes)

Visitors view the "Belle" at her level. The split level pavilion puts you at an "eye to eye" level.

mud_Island_2.JPG (52803 bytes)

The famous "Petty Girl" nose art, and behind her, less playful markings, the mission tally and "Victory" marks indicating 8  German planes shot down by the crew.

mud_Island_3.JPG (41087 bytes)

This view shows the wooden railing in front of her, on which are stories and information about the conditions under which she operated.   

mud_Island_1.JPG (50980 bytes)

She is a LARGE aircraft. Note the two adults just outside the left outboard engine for scale.

Wing Span:103'9"     Length:74'9"    Height:19'1"     Crew:10

Weight:65,500 pounds    Speed:160 mph at 25,000 feet

Fuel:2,520 gallons    Oil:147.6 gallons

Range:2,800 miles at 152 mph at 10,000 feet

Bomb Load:8,000 pounds    Guns:Thirteen 50 caliber machine guns

Service Ceiling: 37,500 feet    Cost:$314,109

Units Built:12,731

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